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AI Case Study

1-800 Flowers deploys chatbots to offer a personalised gift buying experience that will increase customer engagement and sales

1-800 Flowers launched its IBM Watson-powered concierge service - Gwyn (gifts when you need) in May, 2017 to help customers get more personalised results and engage them better.


Consumer Goods And Services

Retail General

Project Overview

"Essentially a high-powered chatbot, Gwyn intuitively guides 1-800-Flowers mobile and desktop customers throughout their buying journey. Gwyn can handle all sorts of questions – from the vague “I need to find something for my mother,” to the more specific “Show me the best roses you’ve got.” In all cases, Gwyn asks several follow-up questions to ensure that the right product suggestions are given. For instance, if a customer wants to find a gift for his mother, Gwyn will ask about the occasion, what the sentiment is, and what types of things Mother likes. What’s more, the more the customer interacts with Gwyn, the more intuitive it becomes, meaning that the shopping experience becomes even more refined over time."

Encouraged by the results 1-800 Flowers teamed up with Facebook's chatbot as well as Alexa to interact with customers.

Reported Results

The company reports:

* 70% of the company’s Facebook chatbot orders came from brand new customers
* 80% of the users liked using chatbot
* Better data to analyse customer motivation and sentiments






Finding the perfect gift can sometimes be overwhelming.
1-800 Flowers uses chatbot to fight gift search fatigue and engage with customers helping them find personalised products



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