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AI Case Study

Aegon monitors spokespeople, competitors and industry topics using machine learning

Aegon has leveraged Signal AI's machine learning technology to monitor the insurance industry's news and measure press coverage effectiveness. By analysing headlines and identifying common themes, Aegon creates relevant and engaging content and optimise their PR campaigns.


Financial Services


Project Overview

The PR team at Aegon had a trial of Signal and liked what they saw. They were especially impressed with the ability to track news as it was breaking and create additional searches and email alerts to monitor spokespeople, competitors and industry topics at no extra cost.

Reported Results

"By extending the scope of the news Aegon monitor, they have been able to identify common themes and emerging trends to inform their content production. They’ve spotted opportunities early and capitalised on the insights they’ve gathered using Signal to create content that they know is of interest to their target audiences.

Jonathan and team use Signal to regularly analyse headlines and news stories to make sure their campaigns are highly relevant and topical. Email alerts keep them in the know and up-to-date with everything that’s going on in the industry. Aegon has full control over their news feeds, but any questions and queries they do have are resolved quickly via the platform chat function or through their client success representative."


"Signal builds artificial intelligence solutions that empower business leaders and their teams by extracting, surfacing and analysing hyper-relevant information from millions of global sources in real-time." (





"Jonathan Henderson is the Head of Public Relations at Aegon UK, a provider of pension, investment and protection products. Aegon UK is part of the Aegon group, one of the world’s ten largest insurers. We spoke to Jonathan about his experiences working with Signal.

Jonathan and his team needed a media monitoring solution that went beyond a traditional press clippings service and allowed them to track more without paying more. The ability to view, share and measure the effectiveness of press coverage as soon as it was published was a key requirement. Broadening the team’s capability to track competitors and benchmark against them, as well as follow sector-specific topics and spot trends were equally important to Jonathan.

The team wanted to use their media monitoring service to stay up-to-date on insurance-related news and use that intelligence to inform their PR plans. But without paying a premium to do so."



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