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AI Case Study

ASOS eliminates the risk of inaccurate data entering finance systems by implementing a machine learning solution for invoice handling

ASOS has implemented a machine learning solution in order to optimise its invoice handling processes. Using Celaton's inSTREAM™ software as a service, the company is now able to automate its their 'Purchase to Pay' process, improve efficiency and ensure that the data entering its financial system are accurate.


Consumer Goods And Services

Retail General

Project Overview

"To streamline and automate their 'Purchase to Pay' process, ASOS turned to Celaton and its inSTREAM™ software as a service. inSTREAM receives all ASOS invoices and applies artificial intelligence to enable a highly automated process that requires little if any manual intervention from the ASOS team. Even the capture of paper invoices are outsourced to Celaton document processing centre."

Reported Results

ASOS states the following results:

* Achieve growth and scale without recruitment of new staff
* Visibility of processes with a universal hub for all incoming data
* Eliminates inaccurate data from entering finance system
* Improved efficiency, cost and productivity


"Celaton inSTREAM is an enterprise-class, ready-to-deploy, machine learning platform that applies artificial intelligence and machine learning to streamline processing of the plethora of information that flows in to organisations every day from customers, suppliers and employees by post, paper, fax, email, attachments, social media and other electronic data streams."



Accounts Payable And Receivable


"ASOS is the fastest growing company in its sector with over 1,500 new product lines being introduced each week and over 3 million active customers in 160 countries." With that success came the challenge of efficiently dealing with its procurement and invoice handling processes.




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