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AI Case Study

AT&T pulls sales leads from multiple systems to automate data entry into legacy systems using Robotic Process Automation

Using RPA AT&T has been able to automate data entry. Data related to sales leads is extracted from various sources and is automatically filled into enterprise system freeing up hours worth of time for employees. They have also been able to improve customer service by reducing the time taken to offer certain services like ethernet from days to hou rs.



Fixed Line And Integrated Telecommunications Services

Project Overview

"AT&T is using the technology as a kind of force multiplier to extract information and thus free valuable time of employees.
Software bots also can improve the way a company’s legacy systems work with its more modern cloud-based systems. AT&T, for example, is trying to automate the ordering and provisioning of some of its more complex enterprise services. The idea is to let customers order services on demand, much like they might order server capacity at Amazon Web Services."

Reported Results

Results undisclosed; however it is estimated to automate up to 50% of data entry.


Robotic Process Automation


Digital Data

Digital Data Management




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