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AI Case Study

Audi increases dealership visits by 31% following targeted marketing using AI

Audi leveraged LoopMe's technology to increase visits to one of their Los Angeles dealerships. With LoopMe's targeted marketing approach the company was able to leverage location data to serve ads toward audiences more likely to visit the dealership in Sunbelt market, LA. The marketing campaign resulted in a 31% increase in the dealership's visits.


Consumer Goods And Services

Automobiles And Parts

Project Overview

"Audi was one of the first brands in the United States to run a PurchaseLoop Foot Traffic campaign with the intent of increasing dealership visits in their Sunbelt market in Los Angeles.

To reach in-market luxury auto shoppers, LoopMe leveraged high impact and custom mobile creative formats, including full-screen video and rich media units.

Using location data from Placed and AI optimization, LoopMe was able to track and directly optimize for dealership visitation, serving ads only toward audiences and environments with the highest propensity for visiting an Audi dealership.

Reported Results

"The use of this technology resulted in a +31% increase in visits to dealerships in the LA area. LoopMe’s AI optimization also increased VR by 12%, resulting in a +80% VCR overall."


"Driven by LoopMe’s artificial intelligence and mobile data, PurchaseLoop uses survey, location and purchase data to optimize campaign delivery in real-time toward brand outcomes, only showing ads to the consumers most likely to undergo a change in opinion, visit a store or make a purchase."



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