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AI Case Study

Auto1 leverages machine learning to connect buyers and sellers of second hand cars across Europe

Auto1 is able to see clearing prices, assess buyers' and sellers' behaviour and evaluate criteria for valuation purposes with the use of machine learning. This has enabled the seller of used cars to upgrade its matching of buyers and sellers of second hand cars across European cities.


Consumer Goods And Services

Automobiles And Parts

Project Overview

Auto1 "uses machine learning technology to buy tens of thousands of cars each month, then sells them to dealers in more than 30 countries." (Financial Times)

Reported Results

Results undisclosed




Sales Operations


"The start-up has 35,000 cars on its balance sheet and its new credit business, Auto1 Fintech, that it established with Deutsche Bank and Allianz earlier this year, is set to expand from Germany to France and Poland."



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