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AI Case Study

Aviva accelerates from 400 to 10 days post-merger organisational planning and employee data integration with the use of machine learning

Aviva wanted to accelerate the post merger integration with Friend's Life. They used Concentra's AI powered OrgVue to help design a new integrated organisation and merge employee data from disparate systems. Time was reduced from a typically 400 days to ten.


Financial Services

Investment Banking And Investment Services

Project Overview

"Liaising with Finance, Aviva analysed and modelled the organisation across 22 work streams regarding headcount, cost, location, spans, layers and management ratios. They produced As-Is and To-be analytics and org charts for each work stream to compare multiple organisational models with the expected synergies from the merger and make plans for each rolled-up area with confidence. As the project continued, the team also identified further areas where advanced analytics could drive further value for the business – including in activity-based costing and responsibility mapping."

Reported Results

The vendor, Concentra, claims that integrating plans across 22 work streams covering 12,000 people took 10 days instead of the 400 days it would have taken to do manually.
Both numbers might not necessarily reflect the time it would take to deliver practical outcomes rather than planning scenarios.


Machine learning



General Operations


"Aviva, a 30,000 person FTSE 100 financial services organisation, had completed its UK acquisition of Friends Life, a 4,000 person business in April 2015. " The challenge was to accelerate normal post-merger integration of HR and IT systems.



Employee structured data

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