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AI Case Study

BA-HR reduces legal document review time by a third using a machine learning platform

BA-HR uses Luminance platform to automate clause identification and extraction, as well as recognising clauses written in Norwegian, reducing legal document review by a third.


Professional Services

Consultancy And Business Services

Project Overview

"The firm started using the first release of Luminance’s artificial intelligence platform for contract review as part of its transactional due diligence analysis and reporting at the end of 2016. BA-HR deployed Luminance as an on-site appliance which plugged into
the firm’s existing secure data environment. Lawyers could begin using the platform via their web browsers with little instruction, thanks to Luminance’s intuitive interface. Supervised machine learning enabled Luminance to automatically tag clauses within English-language documents, such Change of Control and Assignment clauses. Issues uncovered throughout the review could be annotated and categorised by the team, enabling better communication of potential negotiation points. Norwegian-language clauses were easily labelled by the team where they
appeared within documents. Luminance’s machine learning algorithms then instantly uncover all other occurrences of the clause throughout the data room. BA-HR is now rolling Luminance out to be used on all relevant due diligence assignments in parallel with clause and document type labelling in the Scandinavian languages."

Reported Results

BA-HR staff estimate "that the time spent on legal document review alone was cut by at least one third, due to faster, more focused navigation of the data set. Collaboration tools further improved efficiency, so that more time could be spent on higher-value activities such as analysis and advising the client."



Legal And Compliance



"BA-HR is a leading Norwegian business law firm. Founded in 1966 and based in Oslo, much of the firmʾs practise in transactions and dispute resolution has a multi-jurisdictional and multilingual aspect."




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