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AI Case Study

Baidu improves ad targeting for its online users resulting in increased advertising revenue through deep learning

Baidu uses deep learning algorithms to more effectively target users with ads on its online platforms, increasing revenue generated from advertising.



Internet Services Consumer

Project Overview

Baidu "now uses deep learning to target ads on its online services." Deep learning improves ad delivery by analysing "data describing how people have responded to digital ads in the past and adjust new ad campaigns accordingly. Serving ads is basically running a recommendation engine, which deep learning does well."

Reported Results

"In April [2014], during the company's first quarter financial earnings call, CEO Robin Li indicated that deep learning was helping boost bottom line."




Digital Marketing


"Originally developed in the academic world, deep learning attempts to more closely mimic the behavior of the human brain with computer hardware and software, operating "neural networks" that process information using models inspired by nature's biological neurons. In essence, these neural nets use enormous amounts of digital data to train themselves on certain tasks, from recognizing images and natural language to predicting how our bodies will respond to certain chemicals. Everyone from Google, Facebook, and Baidu to Twitter and Yahoo is now using this technology in one form or another."



Unspecified; online user behavioural data, for example clicks, browsing history

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