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AI Case Study

BLOKWORX, an IT security services firm, to detect potential cyber threats using machine learning

BLOKWORX manages IT security for its clients 24/7. As mobile and web touch points are increasing exponentially, they need to upgrade their security offerings. They are using Deep Instinct's platform to detect malware, ransomware and cyberattacks across all the platforms to prevent zero-day and advanced threats.



Software And It Services

Project Overview

Deep Instinct’s deep learning offering can detect and prevent malicious behavior, along with known and unknown malware, across multiple vectors, and provide true adaptive prevention against the most advanced evasive cyberattacks. The Deep Instinct omni-cybersecurity platform is designed to address any threat, protect endpoints and any mobile device, across operating systems via one unified platform. As a result, threats are rapidly eliminated with fully-automated and integrated response capabilities. Deep Instinct endpoint and mobile protection uses deep learning to detect and prevent zero-day threats, advanced persistent threat (APT) and ransomware attacks for any endpoint and mobile device with any operating system- Windows, iOS, Android, macOS, in real time.
Deep Instinct launched late last year with a system that it says can go beyond typical antivirus programs by not only detecting known malware but also flagging dangerous software it’s never encountered before.

The company doesn’t need to have security experts create digital rules specifying what kind of characteristics should trigger alerts, says Maya Schirmann, Deep Instinct’s chief marketing officer. Instead, the system essentially trains itself by studying enormous numbers of applications, documents, images, and other common types of files, labeled simply for whether they contain malware or not.


Reported Results

Deep Instinct claims a 99.9% success rate in detecting threats



Information Technology



BLOKWORX provides managed IT security services globally



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