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AI Case Study

Caesars Entertainment offers customers on the casino floor real-time incentives to bet more by identifying their behaviour and emotions through machine vision

Caesars Entertainment monitors customer sentiments through win/loss at stations as well as emotion recognition and behavioural analysis from visual feeds. This data is analysed using machine learning to quickly identify offers for customers to encourage them to spend more.


Consumer Goods And Services

Entertainment And Sports

Project Overview

"Caesars is a Vegas pioneer in the use of data analytics. It is the first gaming company to introduce and leverage a loyalty program, now called Total Rewards, to enhance and customize the guest experience. In the past 18 months, this flagship program has expanded considerably to look at guests' non-gaming activities, including dining, entertainment, shopping etc.

Cameras record everyone’s action in the casinos and these cameras even record the choices the gamblers make. A player who is guessing, is more likely to lose money than a disciplined player.

Caesars is continuing to invest heavily in big data and use it to gain insight into customers and tailor experiences for them.

With insights from all the data collected, they offer very targeted benefits to customers, take measures to re-engage them and quantify the lifetime value."

Reported Results

Results are not made public, However targeted and on-location marketing at an individual level is achieved




Customer Management


"Caesars Entertainment runs numerous luxurious hotels and casinos in among others Las Vegas. More than 45 million members of their Total Rewards program are tracked throughout their entire travel journey. Their behavior is analyzed to cultivate loyalty and encourage spending."



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