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AI Case Study

CAS reduces time spent on contract analysis for Brexit implications by 75% using a machine learning platform

CAS is using the Luminance platform to analyse contracts for clauses which could have specific Brexit implications, leading to a 75% reduction in time spent in identifying contract clauses.


Professional Services

Consultancy And Business Services

Project Overview

"For the first part of the review, an initial analysis of the contract type and clauses took place. Using Luminance, this was accomplished within a few hours – without the advanced AI technology, this would have taken several days. The team then used Luminance’s sophisticated combination of supervised
and unsupervised machine learning to identify and recognise bespoke clauses specific to the type of work the client was undertaking. The system then instantly applied the teaching of these clauses across all contract types, ensuring that within three hours, Luminance was able to identify 70% of standard clauses within the document. The advanced clustering feature, which utilises pattern-recognition algorithms to group documents automatically, then allowed the Project Manager to batch contracts by the clauses and assign these to a Legal Advisor for further review. "

Reported Results

"CAS estimated that Luminance and its advanced pattern-recognition algorithms were able to reduce time spent on the initial actions of reviewing, sorting and identifying specific clauses by 75%, compared to previous methods. This meant that Luminance was able to provide time and cost savings over the course of the project, while greatly increasing efficiency and collaboration between Legal Advisors."


unsupervised and supervised machine learning, pattern-recognition algorithms


Information Technology

Knowledge Management


"CAS is an award-winning leader in Managed Legal Services. The Newcastle based team provides corporate compliance and other legal support services to a range of major corporate and law firm clients including Vodafone, Santander, Slaughter and May and Clifford Chance. CAS was instructed to review contracts to locate any obligations and identify risks within particular clauses that may impact or affect the client due to Brexit. With the legal ramifi cations of Great Britain leaving the European Union soon to become a reality, the globally-operating client required an extensive review within a tight timescale."



Contract documents

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