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AI Case Study

Choozle announces partnership with Oracle's Grapeshot to determine optimal online ad placement and ensure brand safety using AI

Programmatic advertising platform Choozle is implementing Grapeshot's AI to determine optimal ad placement locations while being brand safe and avoiding negative associations.


Professional Services

Consultancy And Business Services

Project Overview

According to Business Wire, "Choozle is leveraging Grapeshot’s platform to develop its Contextual Keyword Targeting Library that allows advertisers to upload keywords and match those keywords to relevant content within programmatic advertising campaigns. Similar to search advertising where advertisers attempt to reach their customers as they are looking for products or services, this targeting strategy enables advertisers to target based on keywords within the content of a website.

In addition, this tool will enable advertisers with brand protection capabilities, allowing advertisers to blacklist specific keywords and proactively filter out negative keywords associated with a brand. Inside of the Contextual Keyword Targeting Library, Choozle users will be able to upload 20-40 desired keywords to target or block. Once keywords are selected, sites with available advertising placements are vetted and analyzed through using Grapeshot’s platform and the most important keywords on those pages are identified. Grapeshot’s probabilistic algorithm is then implemented to define and to categorize the page and the impression."

Reported Results

Planned; results not yet available


Details undisclosed; "probabilistic algorithm"





Choozle is a digital advertising software that allows clients to manage programmatic advertising campaigns across a variety of platforms. Ensuring ads are purchased and displayed in appropriate locations is therefore crucial for campaign success.



Details undisclosed

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