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AI Case Study

Cigna to identify at-risk patients from laboratory results and clinical diagnostic data, and offer early treatment options using machine learning

Using AI to analyze its vast database of clinical data including lab results, diagnosis, scans etc, Prognos can identify patients who are at-risk. Cigna is planning to offer high risk patients customized healthcare plans as well as early consultation or diagnostic services



Healthcare Providers And Services

Project Overview

"We built the company up focused on disease area by disease area, and today we are focused on about 35 disease areas. Recently, we crossed about five billion medical records, giving us one of the largest data sets available. And we’re tracking 100 million patients and 300,000 physicians in the Prognos Registry.
Finally, we built the learning algorithms that allow us to map these patients on a patient journey, from identifying those at early high risk, to newly diagnosed patients, to those not responding to care.

Reported Results

Results not available yet.

However, personalized insurance plans, early diagnosis and tailored treatment options are expected




Customer Management


Cigna a health insurance provider in the USA wants to offer personalized plans for high risk patients



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