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AI Case Study

Cleo offers personalised support system for expecting parents which maps user preferences and helps them find matching providers and other services using machine learning

Cleo uses machine learning to personalise support offered to expecting parents. They match user preference with their network of health care providers and as the user interacts more with the app it finds better matching services. Cleo is used by several companies like Pinterest, Reddit, Slack etc to improve employee retention rates.



Healthcare Equipment And Supplies

Project Overview

Cleo is an app which offers constant support and guidance to expecting parents. "On sign up the app asks the user to respond to a few questions, such as whether it’s their first child and to quantify their attitude to particular services, before generating a suggested support plan, with recommended services viewable and bookable right in the app."

Reported Results

Improved female employee retention



R And D

Product Development


43% women leave workforce after having children. Companies are looking for a way to retain them.



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