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AI Case Study

Dana Farber Cancer Institute accelerates clinical trial recruitment by using machine learning for genome mapping to identify best candidates

Dana Farber Cancer Institute accelerates clinical trials by identifying genetic markers that respond better to particular drugs using machine learning.



Healthcare Providers And Services

Project Overview

During clinical trials some candidates respond better to certain treatments and AI can be used to identify the cellular traits that makes the treatment work. The work is a collaboration by Nation Cancer Institute and many prominent hospitals and has found success. But still in research phase

Reported Results

Identifying the right candidates have achieved promising results including saving lives of several patients



R And D

Product Development


Dana–Farber Cancer Institute is a comprehensive cancer treatment and research center in Boston, Massachusetts.



Genome sequencing and Data sets

"National Cancer Institute is building a TCGA cancer genomics databases to probe the basic biology of cancer, that has genomically profiled more than 11,000 samples of tumor tissue and matched samples of normal tissue, to gain an understanding of cancer in molecular detail."

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