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AI Case Study

Delta Faucet increases page views per person by 49% by delivering one-to-one marketing experience to 500,000 customers using AI generated or curated content

Plumbing manufacturer Delta Faucet uses OneSpot's machine learning and natural language processing based solution to curate content personalised to each of its 500,000 customers. They have achieved 4X more content consumption and 49% increase in article page views per visitor with this solution.




Project Overview

“While the volume and quality of our content is important, delivering it through a relevant, personalized online experience is equally critical for forming meaningful connections and driving business results,” said Delta Faucet marketing manager Jake Frick.

Delta Faucet used four OneSpot tools to achieve content personalization at scale:

OneSpot OnSite — Personalizes content using predictive modeling that takes into account a user’s individual interest profile and unique tastes.
OneSpot ReAct — Remarkets content to users when they leave the site.
OneSpot InAd — Attracts new users to the site with helpful, engaging content.
OneSpot Insights — Tells the Delta Faucet editorial team what content works to inform future activities."

Reported Results

According to OneSpot the results include:

* 4X more content consumed through personalization
* 4X more clicks on CTAs like “Where to Buy”
* 49% increase in article pageviews per visitor
* 45% of paid media visitors read at least 40 seconds of the content delivered
* 37% of visitors viewed multiple pageviews in their session




Digital Marketing


Delta Faucet is a 60 year old plumbing manufacturing company based in the US



"OneSpot personalised the content marketing experience for more than 500,000 visitors a month, serving them 17.8 million personalized articles on the website."

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