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AI Case Study

Deputy introduces AI for automatic shift scheduling for its staffing management app

Hospitality workforce management system Deputy has introduced an AI feature for determining the best schedule and staff needed to match changing business conditions.



Software And It Services

Project Overview

"Auto-Scheduling uses artificial intelligence to build you the best shift structure for your business, based on as many metrics (demand signals) as you require. Put simply, a demand signal is anything that affects how many people you need working at any given time
Setting up your demand signals should be a one-off task, though you may need to update them or adjust your Required Staff recipes over time to ensure Auto-Scheduling continues to work for the changing needs of your business."

Reported Results

Results undisclosed.


Difficult to determine if traditional AI planning or actual machine learning. It is possible demand prediction uses machine learning algorithms with traditional rules-based heuristics on top.


R And D

Product Development


Deputy is a staffing app and platform, aimed at scheduling work shifts for the hospitality sector. They recently introduced "artificial intelligence" elements into their shift scheduling to create automatic schedules based on predicted demand.



"To use Auto-Scheduling you'll need to set up your demand signals (referred to as Metrics in the product), and ensure you add or import enough data for Auto-Scheduling to predict your labour demands."

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