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AI Case Study

Deutsche Bank automates 30 to 70 percent of back- and mid-office processes using robotics process automation

Deutsche Bank's Innovation Lab has developed robotic process automation (RPA) to process manual transactions. Deutsche Bank is using RPA to automate functions such as trade finance, cash operations, loan operations, and tax.


Financial Services


Project Overview

"RPA can automate work in functions trade finance, cash operations, loan operations, and tax, to name a few. 'In every area we’ve experimented in we’ve achieved good value,' Mazboudi says, anywhere from 30 percent to 70 percent automation. That not only makes the bank more productive, it also improves quality and decreases risk as machines make fewer errors.

RPA can automate tasks based on rules, but machine learning can tackle more nuanced work like recognizing the type of document that comes in or scanning unstructured data for specific information."

Reported Results

Between 30 to 70 % automation depending on complexity of the business process




Accounting And Reporting


Deutsche Bank, a German investment bank and financial services company with presence in 58 countries, is using RPA to increase document processing productivity and efficiency



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