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AI Case Study

DNK protects its system from cyber threats and proactively defends it with a self-learning threat detection solution

DNK leveraged Darktrace’s technology to gain visibility of its network and protect its data from cyber threats. The self-learning solution is able to detect emerging anomalies by distinguishing between normal and abnormal behaviours.


Financial Services


Project Overview

"Following a month long trial, DNK chose Darktrace’s unique Enterprise Immune System technology, based on machine learning and Bayesian mathematics. The self-learning threat detection solution was capable of forming an understanding of normal and abnormal behaviors without any prior knowledge or rules.
DNK gained entire visibility of its network through the rapid and easy installation of Darktrace’s technology. Darktrace was able to start to analyze user, device and network behaviors, in real time, detecting emerging anomalies. In addition, Darktrace’s proprietary Threat Visualizer, a 3D graphical visualization interface, allowed analysts to investigate any detected anomalies in great detail and address potential issues proactively."

Reported Results

DNK states the following results:

* Next generation defense against advanced threats
* Complete visibility of network activity
* Increase in members’ confidence


"Darktrace’s unique Enterprise Immune System technology, is based on machine learning and Bayesian mathematics and developed at the University of Cambridge, to address the combined challenge of an increasingly sophisticated attacker landscape and the risk of internal threat."


Information Technology



"War, terrorism and piracy are now risks that are being played out in the cyber domain, and pose a real and growing threat to the shipping and off shore industry. With these progressively complex attacks penetrating network boundaries and sensitive operational systems, DNK recognized that a new approach to cyber security was required in order to safeguard its infrastructure and data.
In order to maintain its competitive industry position, DNK needed to be confident in its ability to protect intellectual property, such as risk models, and to detect and act on any potential issues at a very early stage."



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