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AI Case Study

Driverless street sweepers able to clean a park in less than 20 minutes employed for trial run in Shanghai's Tus-Caohejing Science Park

Two driverless street sweepers have been employed for trial run in Shanghai Songjiang District's Tus-Caohejing Science Park in April 2018. According to their designers, the two sweepers are able to clean the park in less than 20 minutes, significantly increasing efficiency for the maintenance of public property.


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Project Overview

"Two driverless street sweepers have been employed for trial run in Shanghai Tus-Caohejing Science Park." (xinhuanet)

"Designed and developed by Shanghai-based firm, the fleet – it comprises 6-meter-long and 3-meter-long vehicles – was tested at the Tus-Caohejing Science Park in Shanghai.

The unmanned vehicles self-activate every night at 2 am to clean the roads before dumping the trash and returning to the parking space.

The cleaning trucks, which can detect traffic lights, roadside barriers and deal with other traffic conditions, are operating at a reduced speed and only within the designated region during the test period." (Chinadaily)

"The sweepers are equipped with radar sensors and artificial intelligence systems to help them avoid obstacles, pass through traffic lights and park at the designated spots." (euronews)

"Instead of using expensive high-accuracy positioning devices, engineers created an innovative solution that combines a LiDAR (a remote sensing method) array with economic GPS/IMU sensors, and further adapted by the team. So that it can be easily applied to different truck types and make commercialized batch production possible." (

Reported Results

"The two sweepers can finish cleaning the park in less than 20 minutes, its designers say." (euronews)


'Equipped with AI and intelligent driving technology, driverless sweepers can promise a clean and nice city and reduce workload on sanitation workers,' said Ye Qing, co-founder and chief architect of" (



General Operations


"The technology has a huge potential commercial value. It is estimated that China’s nationwide road sweeping costs are enormous, of which 60 percent is spent on wages." (



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