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AI Case Study

eBay introduces an app for sellers to identify the right sized shipping box for products using AR and calculate shipping costs

eBay adds a new augmented reality feature in its app to help sellers identify matching shipping box for products. It also calculates shipping costs. The app will super impose different shipping boxes on any object the camera points to and


Consumer Goods And Services

Retail General

Project Overview

"Ebay today introduced a new AR-powered feature that helps sellers figure out the best box to use for shipping their items to buyers. The technology works with a range of products, the company says, including everything from backpacks to kitchenware to automotive parts. It’s meant to help sellers save time by pointing them to the correct USPS Flat Rate shipping box for their items.

Ebay says this technology will helps seller skip a trip to their local post office looking for the right-sized box, and will provide real-time calculation of shipping costs."

Reported Results

Helps customers identify the right box and shipping cost virtually



Customer Service



eBay uses images and dimensions to help solve a problem for sellers.



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