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AI Case Study

eBay sees 1B USD in incremental sales per quarter using machine learning for search, inventory managemet and other functions

eBay uses machine learning in a variety of its operations, including improving its search, product recommendations, and market matching. This has purportedly resulted in incremental sales of 1 billion USD per quarter. It says the key to project success has been cross-functional teams to see through the implementation and continual monitoring.


Consumer Goods And Services

Retail General

Project Overview

The company reportedly uses machine learning in "all areas of its business, from understanding what buyers are looking for when they start searching to offering them the right pricing, knowing how to advertise inventory, and knowing when shipped products will arrive."

Reported Results

"AI and ML are driving incremental sales that wouldn’t otherwise have happened... citing in particular AI used for search ranking, inventory understanding, buyer intent, and personalization... these incremental results are being achieved 'quarter after quarter, and year after year.'"


Generally, machine learning is being used in search ranking optimisation, product recommendation personalisation, buyer and seller matching, image recognition, and image search.



Digital Marketing


"The ecommerce giant has been doubling down on its AI investments in recent times — it recently hired Jan Pedersen from Twitter to spearhead its broader AI efforts. And last year it rolled out a new computer vision search tool to help shoppers find items using photos either from their camera roll or other websites."



Details undisclosed but historic user infromation such as transactions, image data, etc.

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