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AI Case Study

Facebook and Instragram are automating detection of images related to drug dealing posted on the social media platforms

Facebook and Instagram are implementing image classification methods to automatically detect and remove references related to drug dealing. Theoretically, this automation frees up time for content moderators, allowing them to focus on other elements which may be indicative of drug dealing, such as hashtags.



Internet Services Consumer

Project Overview

"Facebook and Instagram are using AI to spot drug dealers using their sites. 'Our technology is able to detect content that includes images of drugs and depicts the intent to sell with information such as price, phone numbers or usernames for other social media accounts,' said Kevin Martin, head of US public policy at Facebook."

Reported Results

Planned; results not yet disclosed


Details undisclosed; some form of image classification.


Legal And Compliance



"Social media companies are attempting to stop their platforms being used to sell opioids as the US battles an addiction crisis. The practice emerged as social media platforms announced a new group, Tech Together to Fight the Opioid Crisis, which also includes Google and Twitter."



Images posted on social media

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