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AI Case Study

FANUC will offer advanced manufacturing capabilities by enhancing industrial robots with deep learning

FANUC Corporation will collaborate with NVIDIA to implement artificial intelligence on the FANUC Intelligent Edge Link and Drive (FIELD) system. The collaboration aims at increasing robotics productivity and enhancing their capabilities with the use of deep learning.




Project Overview

"FIELD system is a platform to improve factory production and efficiency with advanced artificial intelligence. By combining artificial intelligence and edge computing technology, the FIELD system processes the edge-heavy sensor data collected from various machines to make the machines intelligently and flexibly collaborate to achieve advanced manufacturing capabilities.

'Advances in artificial intelligence will allow robots to watch, learn and improve their capabilities,' said Kiyonori Inaba, board member, executive managing officer and general manager of FANUC. 'Deep learning will also cut down the time-consuming programming of robot behavior. We are thrilled to be advancing the robotics revolution with NVIDIA.'

These next-generation capabilities will include:

* Deep learning robot training with NVIDIA GPUs
* GPU-accelerated AI inference in FANUC Fog units used to drive robots and machines
* Embedded systems for robots to do inference locally."

Reported Results

Planned; results not yet available
"The collaboration aims to increase robotics productivity and bring new capabilities to automated factories worldwide."


"The breakthrough that is enabling AI manufacturing is GPU-accelerated deep learning. FANUC will use a range of NVIDIA GPUs and deep learning software to enable AI in the cloud, the data center and embedded within devices."



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