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AI Case Study

GoFind.AI improves shopping by finding matching products from images​ with 92% accuracy

GoFind.AI uses Artificial Intelligence for shopping by finding products using images​ with 92% accuracy. They offer a visual search engine using image recognition and deep learning in addition to textual search.


Consumer Goods And Services

Retail General

Project Overview

"GoFIND is a visual search engine for shopping that makes the world around you shoppable, instantly. GoFind’s AI-powered technology searches thousands of brands in one-touch to surface product inspirations that shoppers can explore with their friends. Shoppers use Gofind to purchase similar items they’ve seen at a price point they can afford.

GoFind will be one of the first AI-powered shopping aggregators that combine image recognition and AI technology with social commerce and advertising. The GoFind platform fully automates all steps of online shopping interaction, in order to quickly facilitate an e-commerce transaction. The platform uses image capture to recognize thousands of clothing brands from retailers around the world; it then curates and presents a tailored list for the user. "

Reported Results

Finds the specific item or similar items with 92-94 % accuracy


"Organising and aggregating the catalog of millions of products online, scalable text search engine, photo search engine to get results by uploading images, Chatbot (coming soon) to enable search from bot platforms"




Background aims to be a marketplace that connects smart shoppers to retailers and offers textual as well as visual search.



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