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AI Case Study

Goldcorp plans to increase accuracy of identifying potential mining prospecting areas using IBM Watson and machine learning to analyse drilling and geological data

Goldcorp plans to use an IBM Watson platform currently in use in the oil and gas industry to determine future high-value areas for mining prospecting by analysing historical drilling and geological data.


Basic Materials

Mining And Metals

Project Overview

Equipment Journal "For its exploration targeting, Goldcorp Inc. is working with IBM to bring its Watson technology to the Red Lake gold mine —a first in the Canadian mining industry. A number of Watson services will be used to analyze vast amounts of data, from drilling reports to geological survey information. The data will help geologists determine specific areas to explore next, reach high-value exploration targets faster, calculate geological models with more certainty and interpret the growing volume of data as geologists drive new discoveries."

Reported Results

Planned; results not yet available. From IBM: "By coupling our exploration and mining expertise with IBM Watson’s cognitive strength, we will be able to make the exploration targeting process more efficient, ultimately generating higher yields and creating less environmental impact. Geologists will be able to more accurately determine the next target, enabling our teams to locate undiscovered gold deposits that may have previously required multiple drills to find.”






According to Equipment Journal, "The Vancouver-based gold producer – one of the largest gold mining companies in the world – will initially use IBM’s cognitive technology for its exploration targeting efforts in its Red Lake, Ontario mine." IBM states that “We are taking the IBM’s analytics platform tested and proven in the oil and gas industry and adapting it to the mining industry, demonstrating that cognitive subsurface analytics can lead to performance enhancement across the entire natural resources sector.”



Drilling reports, geological survey information, other large amounts of data

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