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AI Case Study

Gruppo L’Espresso creates 2.5x more videos than it used to, with automatic video creation platform which uses social media trends to decide video content

Gruppo L’Espresso, a leading media group based in Italy, has automated video content creation and curation using Wochit's platform. Wochit has their respository or uses client repository to auto-create new videos and publish them on websites or social media and keeps track of views, likes etc


Consumer Goods And Services

Media And Publishing

Project Overview

"Wochit enabled Gruppo L’Espresso to produce a high-volume of social videos using AI. Wochit's platform creates content from client repository by analysing facebook trends."

Reported Results

After 4 months of using Wochit 2.5X times video content was created and Facebook engagement increased by 12-fold.



R And D

Product Development


Gruppo L’Espresso is a leading Italian media conglomerate and publisher of La Repubblica and Huffington Post Italia.



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