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AI Case Study

Halvor Lines increases driver performance by 100% over previous systems using machine learning evaluation system

Halvor Lines transport and logistics has piloted a driver performance detection system which uses cameras to evaluate both risky and good driving events. The feedback is automatically sent to managers and drivers are warned or rewarded as events happen. In the pilot driver performance improved a purported 100% over using legacy video systems.



Freight And Logistics

Project Overview

After conducting a pilot, Halvor Lines is fully implementing NetraDyne's Driveri safety platform. From Mashable: "In the trial, the camera captured seven times more risky behaviors than other recording devices. And, after using the technology, driver performance improved. The device holds four hi-def cameras to provide a 360-degree view of your drive, both on the road and inside the vehicle. Facial recognition tools help with driver "log-ins" and can be used for training." According to the vendor, "GreenZone™ measures the driver on ALL of their driving; including their ‘good’ driving, driving conditions where 3rd parties caused risk, and events where additional coaching might be needed. Safe driving is counted as safe driving – enabling confident driver recognition and mutually beneficial coaching."

Reported Results

As reported by Markets Insider: "Through the trial, Driveri™ far outperformed other systems by allowing fleet managers to coach their drivers with a much more balanced approach, including positive driving performance along with any best practices reinforcement. In the May 2018 trial, Halvor Lines saw:

* 2.28 times more DriverStar events (immediate analyzed information on positive decisions by highlighting exceptional driving moments) than inertial-generated hard braking events
* That 87 percent of total driving time was considered GreenMinutes (the means to measure the number of driving minutes without risk factor)
* 7 times more risk captured through Driveri™ than legacy event recorders
* That driver performance increased by 100 percent through Driveri™ than legacy event recorders



Human Resources

Training And Career Development


Halvor Lines is a transport and logistics company.



According to the vendor, "Driveri™ captures a more ‘complete’ view of your driver’s day — traffic lights, stop signs, dynamic following distance — along with capturing video of your driver’s great driving. Driveri™ captures and analyzes every minute of your driver’s day providing a ‘balanced’ view of their driving day — removing guesswork from happenstance triggers. Driveri™ events are computed at the device in real-time versus the hours required by legacy video event systems, increasing the fleet manager’s ability to respond quickly."

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