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AI Case Study

Harps Food Stores, increases sales by 5% by optimising decision-making around pricing and promotions using machine learning

Harps, a grocery store in the US, used Daisy Intelligence's platform to analyse sales data and determine optimal product combinations and effectiveness of individual promotions. They attribute 5% of sales increase to the use of AI platform.


Consumer Goods And Services

Food Beverage And Drugs

Project Overview

"Daisy Intelligence worked with Harps to analyze years of collected transactional information to provide specific, actionable product and marketing recommendations to optimize chain-wide pricing and promotional efforts. Daisy's AI platform tracks relationship between products and thus determines product combinations to market together by offering sales or promotions. This can also be extended to decide the product assortment at the store."

Reported Results

Exact results not disclosed but Daisy Intelligence claims stores have achieved a 5% increase in sales on average




Product Marketing


Harps Food Stores, Inc., is an 87-store grocery chain, based in Springdale, Arkansas, and wanted to use AI to optimize Harp’s chain-wide pricing and promotional efforts.



"2 years of sales data was analysed to determine the optimal product combination to promote".

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