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AI Case Study

Henkel uplifts its revenue by 2.1% by tracking distribution and share of shelf at granular SKU level leveraging visual recognition and sales data

Henkel, a beauty care retailer, employs Trax insights to track product distribution on shelf and sales performance at SKU level. Trax insights use visual recognition to keep track of products and has been able to track SKUs with 96% accuracy.


Consumer Goods And Services

Retail General

Project Overview

"Henkel operated in a competitive retail environment with more than 35 retailers with varying store sizes. Additionally, it had more than 900 SKUs across various stores. Sales reps used manual methods to measure in-store distribution and shelf share, and spent a mere 10 minutes of every hour in the store in active selling. Further, this manual method did not provide the insight needed to identify and fix gaps in distribution, share of shelf and merchandising compliance at the store level.
Trax Retail Execution helped Henkel monitor more than 900 SKUs across 2500 stores in Germany. Sales reps were empowered to capture granular SKU level information that answered the following questions: Are the correct SKUs distributed in each category and each cluster? Which SKUs are missing the target distribution? Is the layout in each store correctly executed?
Merchandizing managers identified poorly distributed products, measured share of shelf per banner for each brand, and in comparison to competitors. Account managers and category managers were able to make cross-customer/area comparisons to identify new opportunities."

Reported Results

According to the company:

* 96% SKU recognition accuracy
* 2.1% Sales uplift
* 4.3% OOS reduction
* 150% more time available for sales reps.

* Time spent on distribution check and data collection decreased by 50%






"Headquartered in Germany, Henkel is a market leader in global beauty care. Its product offering encompasses brands across hair color, care and styling, as well as body, skin and oral care."



"IOT technologies including fixed cameras, robotics, and more, to capture retail reality in store"

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