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AI Case Study

Honda equips its NeuV concept vehicle with an emotion engine to facilitate automated driving

Honda has revealed a new concept vehicle, the automated electric NeuV. The vehicle is equiped with HANA, the Honda Automated Network Assistant, which is capable of detecting a driver's emotions based on judgement calls and past decisions and make new choices and recommendations.


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Project Overview

According to Forbes, "at this year’s Consumer Electronics Show, Honda unveiled its NeuV, New Electric Urban Vehicle. It comes with a personal artificial intelligence assistant, HANA (Honda Automated Network Assistant) who can read the driver’s emotions and adjust the music, temperature and more in response. HANA can also remind the owner of important dates and help make reservations and appointments.
Realizing that around 96 percent of the time vehicles are in garages, parking lots and driveways, Honda’s NeuV would be an automated ride-sharing vehicle that could be summoned to pick up and drop people off when the owner is not using it thereby becoming more valuable to the owner because it can monetize its downtime. Engineers also envision that NeuV would be able to sell energy back to the electric grid when it isn’t in use. Honda’s concept for the NeuV vehicle combines artificial intelligence, big data and robotics in a way that can transform commuting."

"The emotion engine was developed by Cocoro SB, the Japanese artificial intelligence company behind the Pepper robot." (wired)

Reported Results

Proof of concept; results not yet available


HANA (Honda Automated Network Assistant) can read the driver’s emotions and adjust the music, temperature and more in response, using artificial intelligence.


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emotions behind the driver’s judgements and driver’s past decisions

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