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AI Case Study

Hourglass Cosmetics debuts an interactive way to demonstrate its flagship product's virtual skin perfection using a virtual hologram assistant

Hourglass Cosmetics uses Vntana's hologram to offer an interactive way to interact with customers. A smart hologram interacts with customers to answer queries and offer suggestions.


Consumer Goods And Services

Personal And Household Goods

Project Overview

"Vntana, claims to offer the "first-ever" artificial intelligence hologram concierge for retail, sports and hospitality.
The hologram reacts and responds to consumers' questions without the need for a wearable or touchscreen device while at the same time collecting consumer data.

Vntana said it lets retailers automatically respond to customers' real-time needs and wants, which leads to increased revenue.
Hourglass Cosmetics make use of the hologram to offer the customer how they would like with the product applied to enhance sales"

Reported Results

Pilot; Results are not yet available




Digital Marketing


"Hourglass Cosmetics describes itself as an innovative beauty brand focused on reinventing the luxury cosmetics segment."



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