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AI Case Study

IKEA launches an app that lets users see what furniture would look like in their own home using augmented reality

Ikea developed an app using Apple's AR Kit to

Ikea's takes advantage of Apple's AR Kit and its own catalogue of 3D models of furniture to create an augmented reality app that lets you see what furniture would like in homes


Consumer Goods And Services

Personal And Household Goods

Project Overview

"Rather than using 2-D camera overlays, the app takes data from your phone's camera sensors to map digital objects in a room. Apple calls this "world tracking," and it helps keep a digital sofa from skittering around the room like a balloon. The furniture items also load faster than they did in the previous iteration, and don't require any calibration on the part of the user.
By scanning the floor alone the app takes measurements"

Reported Results

Customer engagement and personalization
Eliminates the need to take measurements and looking through manuals




Channel Marketing




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