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AI Case Study

Influential assesses suitability of social media influencers for use in marketing campaigns by analysing social media content using natural language processing

Influential matches social media influencers with brands by analysing influencers' online content through natural language processing using IBM Watson and asessing them based on 47 personality characteristics.


Professional Services

Consultancy And Business Services

Project Overview

"To determine which influencer personality traits would best match specific brands and campaigns, Influential uses IBM Watson Natural Language Understanding, IBM Watson Personality Insights and IBM Watson Tone Analyzer application programming interfaces (APIs) on the IBM Bluemix® cloud platform. These cognitive services use natural language processing (NLP) to analyze the influencers’ last 22,000 words posted on social media. The analysis identifies prime personality traits across 47 characteristics, from altruistic to adventurous, and pinpoints the subject matter and tone within those words. These insights help Influential pinpoint whether an influencer’s personality and interests will authentically resonate with the voice of a brand, event or campaign. Linguistic analysis and background checks help protect the brand against influencers’ ethical breaches and scandals. Influential also analyzes follower demographics to ensure media-buy accountability. Why pay for 150,000 followers when only 100,000 hit the target audience? Finally, the company uses IBM Watson analysis to validate each brand’s perception of itself. For instance, a brand that believes its identity to be “edgy” could actually be perceived as easygoing or laid-back. Such information can help marketers choose influencers with the largest quantifiable impact."

Reported Results

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Influential is a marketing services provider which links its network of social media users with large followings and clout - called "influencers" - with brands and companies for marketing purposes.



The last 22,000 words posted by over 15,000 users on Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat, Facebook and YouTube

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