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AI Case Study

Intel proposes an automated and proactive healthcare platform to analyse data from wearable devices

Intel proposes applying advance analytics and machine learning to analyse health data from wearable devices. It would give customers regular updates about their health and nudge them towards a healthy lifestyle and calculate a wellness score. The platform could also be used by insurers to introduce personalised pricing, increase customer loyalty and identify new opportunities for revenue growth.



Healthcare Equipment And Supplies

Project Overview

"Structured data from wearable device provides insights into customer behavior and can lead to meaningful interactions and better outcome for insurers and customers. By combining advanced analytics with wearable technology, insurers can give customers opportunities to take charge of their own premium costs over the life of a given policy thanks to incentives to create better wellness scores. On the business side, insurers will see increased customer loyalty, improved revenue growth, and lower claims costs thanks to advanced data gathering and metrics abilities. "

Reported Results

Planned; results not yet available.



Information Technology

Knowledge Management


Intel proposes a health care analytics platform connecting users and insurance companies



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