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AI Case Study

Investing Channel increased campaign content engagement 4x by optimising target audiences with real-time data using Nielsen AI

Investing Channel uses Nielsen AI to identify target audiences using real-time behavioural data and according to marketing objectives implemented in their AI model, and then contacts the relevant platform ad buyers.


Consumer Goods And Services

Entertainment And Sports

Project Overview

Nielsen states that "Nielsen AI automatically optimizes audiences based on real-time streams of device-linked data around their motivations, interests and actions across multiple buying and engagement channels. These streams come from a client’s customer data, such as e-commerce purchases, visits to a product page on a website or app, or audience data derived from Nielsen. Marketers can automatically adapt their messages to reflect changes in consumer media and buying behavior, movement through the path-to-purchase, audience composition across thousands of consumer attributes (including demographics, geography, behavior and personality), and market dynamics (including seasonal and local market demand, competitive actions and advertising). Nielsen AI syndicates audience data updates in real time across a wide spectrum of marketing execution platforms such as search, social media, email, video, mobile, programmatic, over-the-top (OTT) TV and owned-and-operated websites and apps. This enables marketers to reach the right audience with relevant and timely advertising and content across all digital channels." From AdExchanger: "It lets media planners identify the parameters for a campaign. The AI system then automatically builds and validates a mathematical model around those needs before scoring the audiences and pushing them out to ad tech partners, who execute the actual buy." "Nielsen AI matches your customers’ attributes and behaviors with a universe of audience data derived from Nielsen to find exactly the right people you need to connect with. It does this by scoring (or ranking) these individual matches. If a person’s score exceeds a predetermined audience match- threshold, based on your campaign objectives, it assigns the person to the appropriate audience segment."
"Investing Channel uses Nielsen AI to fuel granular, audience tailored ad targeting for our clients, to better understand audience content consumption. In analyzing multiple data streams, like website traffic patterns, offer interest and intent, viewability and audience behavior, Nielsen AI has played a big role in revenue growth.”

Reported Results

Nielsen claims "4X more in content engagement, big jumps in campaign performance—sometimes as much as 3X".




Customer Management


Financial analysis publisher Investing Channel has implemented Nielsen AI which, from AdExchanger, is "'meant to help advertiser and publisher clients build custom audience segments in real time. In finance and investing, it’s important to develop audience targeting models in real time based on what’s happening in the moment,' said Nikesh Desai, the pub’s CEO and founder. If oil goes up or gold goes down, for instance, what effect will this have on a client’s marketing campaign? Instead of building audience profiles based on data that’s a week old, Investing Channel wants to optimize that audience immediately. Desai sees two major possibilities for Nielsen AI. First, the system could improve Investing Channel’s current ad products. If an advertiser wants to optimize spend, for instance, and run it evenly for a month, Nielsen AI can power that. The second opportunity is helping Investing Channel build new ad products, which could unlock new budget from advertisers."



Real-time customer data, such as e-commerce purchases, visits to a product page on a website or app, or audience data derived from Nielsen

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