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AI Case Study

Johnson & Johnson increased high-quality job applicants by 41% and career site click-through rate by 45% through better candidate-position matching with Jibe

Johnson & Johnson partnered with Jibe to use Google Cloud Job Discovery to optimise their job listings search functionality and site to interface with jobseekers more easily. This result in higher quality job applicants applying to positions they were better matched for by 41%.


Consumer Goods And Services

Food Beverage And Drugs

Project Overview

Johnson & Johnson "began working with Jibe, a career-site solutions provider. Jibe introduced J&J to Google Cloud Job Discovery, which uses machine learning to better match job listings with job seekers’ interests and qualifications. Using Google Cloud Job Discovery, companies can build a compelling career-site search experience that helps candidates easily find the jobs most relevant to them. With smarter job searches and recommendations, J&J improved the effectiveness of its career site in just a few weeks. Google Cloud Job Discovery better connects job seekers with jobs, because it understands the nuances of job titles, descriptions, industry jargon, and skills, matching job seeker preferences with relevant listings based on sophisticated classifications and relational models. It helps decipher job seeker queries and employer job postings, removing the manual effort of optimizing job content for search.."

Reported Results

Johnson & Johnson states:

* 45% more click-throughs on its career site
* 41% increase in high-quality job applicants per search through improved job discovery
* Improved speed and efficiency of ecruiting and hiring process
* Ability to obtain and assess job applicant feedback



Human Resources



"For global companies like Johnson & Johnson (J&J), their online career website is an important recruiting tool. It’s the “front door” for talent that could make a vital difference in the company’s future and drive innovation for years to come. However, career sites are often underutilized. If a job seeker doesn’t find a good job match with a quick search, they will likely move on. Too often, that represents a lost opportunity for both the company and the job seeker that could have been avoided with better search results.

While J&J receives approximately 1 million applications for 25,000 positions each year, the percent of applicants that were highly qualified for open positions was low. Although the company always has a variety of open jobs on its career site, it noticed that even when strong matches existed between online job seekers and available positions, search results often didn’t highlight or even display the right opportunities. The user interface wasn’t intuitive enough, and job seekers couldn’t easily find their ideal positions."



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