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AI Case Study

JP Morgan Asset Management, Credit Suisse and Pfizer are using smart search engine to scan through thousands of documents, generating reports

AlphaSense launched a specialized search engine for financial professionals in 2011. The smart search engine collects data from thousands of sources such as sell-side research providers, public and licensed financial data such as broker research, SEC filings and press releases and use semantic indexing (For example searching the term 'revenue' will also look for words like 'sales') to understand financial language and highlights the words in the documents.


Financial Services

Investment Banking And Investment Services

Project Overview

"AlphaSense, offers a specialized search engine that slashes research time. From thousands of sources, including more than 1,000 sell-side research providers and more than 35,000 public corporations, the product gathers relevant public and licensed financial data such as broker research, SEC filings and press releases. It then layers on top semantic indexing that can understand financial language. This means a search for “revenue” will bring up not only documents containing that word, but also those using words like “sales” or “top line,” while excluding references to “cost of sales.” It also zeros in on the most germane references so users do not have to control-F their way through a document."
"Linguistic search algorithms allow you to search across millions of documents with a few clicks, dramatically reducing research times"

Reported Results

Targeted search engines can produce results in seconds compared to several hours it would take if done manually



Information Technology

Knowledge Management


Targeted search engine for knowledge professionals searches through documents applying semantic search principles to refine search results



SEC and global filings
Broker research
Conference call transcripts
Investor Relations presentations
In-house content
News, press releases (public & private companies) & trade journals

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