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AI Case Study

JX Press Corp automates news story generation and writing by using AI to find events on social media

JX Press Corp. automates news content creation by scouring social media for breaking stories and using machine learning to write them


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Project Overview

JX Press "have developed a tool, using machine learning, for finding breaking news in social media posts and writing it up as news reports. Fast Alert scours social media postings, analyzing text, photos and even exclamation marks, to find breaking news in Japan, in areas such as fires, traffic accidents and other disasters. It also monitors overseas media and Twitter accounts that it considers trustworthy, seeking to be the first to report major international developments. Once it’s found news, its algorithms write the stories."

Reported Results

User numbers seem to be indicative of results: "Fast Alert can filter out 99 percent of false news stories, according to Yoneshige. NewsDigest ranked 8th in Japan in the Apple Store’s news app category as of May 25. Sales of the two main services surged 613% in January from a year earlier, according to JX Press."




General Operations


"JX Press Corp. is a Japanese news technology venture founded in 2008. The company has two main products: subscription-based breaking news service Fast Alert and a free mobile news application called NewsDigest. Its clients include many of Japan’s biggest broadcasters, such as NHK, TV Asahi and Fuji Television, all of which pay a monthly subscription - which Yoneshige declines to disclose - to use Fast Alert."



Social media posts

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