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AI Case Study

Kanetix increased auto insurance conversion transaction rates by 13% using a predictive platform to target users

Online auto insurance provider Kanetix has incorporated's technology platform to predict which users browsing their site are likely to purchase insurance using online data. To aid the conversion the system also predicts their likely transaction method.


Financial Services


Project Overview

"The initial pilot started in September 2017 and targeted consumers on the car insurance comparison website that were on the fence about purchasing auto insurance. Based on the website's deep pool of data, configured its platform to predict which customers were likely to convert and their preferred method of transacting, allowing to provide a tailored buying experience."

Reported Results

"Over the course of the pilot period, the efficacy of the platform's predictions improved by approximately 38 per cent. experienced a conversion increase in auto insurance transactions of 13 per cent (a greater than 5x improvement from early results) and generated 2.3x ROI. is now running 100 per cent of its Ontario auto insurance quotes through's platform."


Details undisclosed



Digital Marketing


"Kanetix Ltd. is Canada's largest digital customer acquisition platform for insurance and financial services.



Website data; details undisclosed

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