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AI Case Study

Kik, a popular messaging platform, uses machine learning to integrate and scale different systems

Kik, a popular messaging platform, uses Databricks' AI platform to integrate and scale different systems as it was having difficulty keeping pace with the exponential growth in user base and contents.



Internet Services Consumer

Project Overview

"Databricks has allowed Kik to improve team productivity while significantly reducing data engineering overhead at scale:
Support for Multiple Languages: Familiarity with SQL – finding expertise in SQL is much more cost effective than other languages
Performant and Reliable Data Pipelines: Ability to handle 5TB new data per day streaming into the data lake. Fully Managed Platform: Managed Apache Spark™ takes the burden off of needing Spark expertise and having to understand the internals of Spark.
Collaborative Workspace: Streamlined data analysis and fostered collaboration through support for multiple languages, easy search, and real-time commenting."

Reported Results

According to Databricks:

* Data engineering efforts reduced by 70%
* Big jobs run 2x faster
* Improved Collaboration - Sharing data is instant via links to notebooks
* Ability to combine and ensure clean data to trust for analysis



Digital Data

Digital Data Management


"Kik is a messaging platform, already at 300 million users and is incredibly popular in the youth market, where it is growing fastest among teenagers. But it has to compete with giants like Google and Facebook with small team and developing fast came at the expense of scalable engineering resulting in disjointed systems and tools for data analysis and lack of standard. Amazon Redshift was starting to break at the seams with 300 data pipelines with 5TB of new data per day."



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