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AI Case Study

KLM introduces conversational agent to help customers book plane tickets and create packing lists

KLM has implemented Blue Bot (BB), a customer service bot which is accessible across Google Assistant and Facebook Messenger. The bot helps customers book tickets via text and helps them prepare packing lists with information about their destination via voice conversations.


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Project Overview

From KLM: "Recently KLM added BB, short for Blue Bot, to her servicing family, who can help you book a ticket on Messenger and pack your bag on Google Home." The voice conversational aspect of BB is accessed through Google Assistant and provides packing advice based on the weather and destination specifics, such as cultural considerations. Items can be added to reminder lists which are automatically sent to user's mobile phones. BB can also be accessed via text on Facebook Messenger. According to Dialogflow "The airline developed BB largely in-house within a few months, a cross-functional effort that involved members from marketing, IT, communications, copywriting, UX, engineering, and more... The airline plans to merge the booking and packing experiences, so travelers can easily tackle the logistics of trip planning and focus on their vacation itineraries."

As noted by APEX, "KLM understands that the AI systems are relatively limited today but the company is investing early and growing with the technology. By establishing services early it hopes to increase customer engagement while growing its knowledge of the emerging industry. Plus, AI systems require training. Teaching Blue Bot about the airline industry in small increments and using the same AI platform across multiple touch points can improve the overall functionality better than accelerated investment later".

Reported Results

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Dialogflow is used for natural language understanding



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From Dialogflow: "The average customer flies with KLM 1.4 times per year, and might not take time to download the airline's mobile app to book a flight. For that customer, the airline wanted "a new entry point"—one that provided opportunities for conversational interactions using voice or text."



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