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AI Case Study

Las Vegas predicts traffic and road accidents and improves emergency services response time with machine learning predictive analytics

Las Vegas is working with WayCare to predict road traffic and accidents. The pilot scheme, which began in September 2017, aims at directing emergency services to problem areas before accidents occur. Through predictive technology the authorities may be able to make better-informed decisions on locations to send emergency vehicles, improving emergency services response times.


Public And Social Sector


Project Overview

Acording to aplitical, "The Regional Transport Commission of Southern Nevada (RTC) has agreed to work with WayCare on a six-month trial, during which their technology will be tested on two highways in Las Vegas. WayCare analyses large sets of data covering an extensive range of factors, from weather through to the position of broken down vehicles on roadsides, allowing them to identify trends in traffic accidents. Likely areas for accidents can then be identified, allowing transport authorities in Nevada to send responders in advance of an incident occurring. It also aims to improve decision-making at short notice and reduce emergency services’ response times. Through limiting the number of incidents and dealing with those which do occur at a faster pace, the RTC plans to reduce traffic congestion around Las Vegas, thereby increasing road capacity without needing to expand highways. The pilot scheme will monitor sections of two highways in Las Vegas: the Interstate 15 running next to the world-famous strip, and the US-95 on the west side of downtown Las Vegas. If successful, the RTC plans to expand the scheme to cover more of the Nevada transport system."

According to Haaretz, "It does this by taking data from an elaborate network of sensors on stoplights and security and traffic cameras and combining it with information on the weather and data from navigation apps such as Waze and GreenRoad (also Israeli technologies). It even uses ticket sales from TicketMaster to forecast crowd sizes at sports events and concerts.
WayCare not only knows what is happening everywhere but can use the data to predict the likelihood of a traffic jam and what areas are at risk for accidents and to respond by changing the timing on traffic lights, opening and closing roads, altering messages on road signs and sending out instructions to police officers."

Reported Results

Pilot; results not yet available




General Operations


Acording to aplitical, WayCare has already "achieved success in previous pilot programs. In Israel, it successfully predicted 70% of accidents on the busy Ayalon Highway two hours in advance.
The US remains one of the most dangerous places in the world for road users, with more than 32,000 deaths and two million nonfatal injuries from vehicle crashes recorded every year. In Nevada, the Office for Traffic Safety reported 321 traffic fatalities in 2015, a 10.3% increase on the previous year. WayCare’s technology can help to prevent incidents outright or significantly shorten the time needed to respond."



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