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AI Case Study

LeasePlan, a vehicle management group in the UK, simulates different models to see cost distribution across various dimensions to decide which changes are optimal

LeasePlan, a vehicle management group in the UK uses OrgVue to design more efficient operating models. Using OrgVue, they can simulate various models to see the impact of change and choose the most cost-effective one.


Consumer Goods And Services

Automobiles And Parts

Project Overview

"LeasePlan UK is part of the largest vehicle management group in the world. They wanted to better understand their cost base, pricing and services supplied to each customer. But their existing systems kept their data in silos, and detailed analysis was impossible making it hard to get a holistic understanding across the business.

We fed operations data into our anaytics product OrgVue, giving LeasePlan a clear view of work volumes and their causes. The total cost base could be viewed from four different perspectives: people, projects, processes or customers. LeasePlan could also see the 'dimensions' of cost for each customer such as fixed vs variable, direct vs indirect, ongoing vs one-off.

Making good strategic decisions is all about having the right information. Now that LeasePlan has a holistic view of its costs, it can effectively decide what activities to continue, improve or stop. They can identify most and least profitable customers, optimise pricing and services and better understand customer segments. OrgVue is the starting point for all their strategic questions.

The results are long-lasting. The OrgVue model is live and regularly refreshed and LeasePlan have gained internal OrgVue expertise through training and involvement throughout the project. It's just one of the ways we create sustainable solutions."

Reported Results

15 Datasources were integrated and mapped against 400 processes



Digital Data

Digital Data Management


LeasePlan UK is part of the largest vehicle management group in the world.



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