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AI Case Study

LexSet is launching its platform of products using computer vision and AR for interior design to suggest new furnishings and demonstrate how they would look

LexSet is a new B2B and consumer-facing interior decorating platform. Using computer vision for object recognition and search, the platform enables users to catalogue the existing items in home and office spaces and search for complementary products automatically. AR will also allow users to see how the new products would fit into spaces.


Financial Services

Real Estate Development Operations

Project Overview

One of LexSet's products is LexSight, which, according to TechCrunch, "combines image recognition tools that identify objects in a room and recommends other decorations or spatial configurations to compliment the existing objects". Forbes further describes the product: "LexSight will enable spatial searches using images you take with your mobile camera that will provide material and product suggestions based on items you have in your home. Let’s say you want to find the perfect sofa to go with your new rug: the program will use AR to show you how it looks in your actual space. You can also take a picture of your living room before you go to the store and use LexSight to see how different sofas will look there. Unlike the algorithms used by music and TV apps that simply use consumer choices to sort of “guess” what you might want, LexSet also uses algorithms that are based on principles of good design (like the Fibonacci sequence, for example) in collaboration with your personal design input to become a true design assistant."

From the vendor: "Our B2B AR tool is for furniture and home supply retailers who want to increase online purchase confidence and ease conversion. Unlike other search platforms, LexSet allows you to “Search with your Space.” Powered by artificial intelligence and machine learning, LexSet analyzes your home, identifies the items in your space down to the SKU level, provides personalized product recommendations that are optimized for your space and reflect your taste. LexSet has a portfolio of 38 patents in context recognition and augmented reality."

Reported Results

Launching in Q2 of 2018; results not yet available




General Operations


Forbes provides context thusly: "Everyone knows that decorating a new home can be challenging—so much so that marriages have broken up during the process. What makes home decorating so hard? Several factors: maybe you don’t have a design background and feel unsure what to pick; perhaps there’s not enough money to pay a designer, or the time to figure out how to assemble those shelves from IKEA."



Images from mobile cameras

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