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AI Case Study

Macy’s launches an in-store shopping assistant to help shoppers find information using conversational agents

Macy’s On Call, a cognitive mobile web tool, will help shoppers find products, brands or services in the stores. They have piloted this in 10 US stores.


Consumer Goods And Services

Retail General

Project Overview

"Macy’s On Call, as it’s called, is a cognitive mobile web tool that will help shoppers get information as they navigate 10 of the retail company’s stores around the US during this pilot stage.

Customers are able to input questions in natural language regarding things like where specific products, departments, and brands are located, to what services and facilities can be found in a particular store. In return, they receive customised relevant responses. The initiative is based on the idea that consumers are increasingly likely to turn to their smartphones than they are a store associate for help when out at physical retail.

The tool uses Watson’s Natural Language Classifier API to enable such interactions, while Watson’s Language Translation API is also integrated at select locations in order for consumers to communicate in Spanish. Watson’s machine learning capabilities also means the platform will become more intelligent and accurate with every customer interaction it has.

In addition to Watson's chatbot, the app also uses Satisfi's location-based engagement software to enhance the service"

Reported Results

Pilot; Results are not yet available



Customer Service

Technical And Product Support


Customers are more likely to turn to smart phones than agents for assistance. Macy's wanted to offer an app which simulates conversations to enhance customer experience and offer them better support.



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