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AI Case Study

Magoosh supports agents with answers to 83% of ticketed enquiries and halves the customer requests queue with internal chatbot for agents

Magoosh has implemented DigitalGenius's AI capabilities into its Zendesk platform which helps customer service agents respond to inquiries by providing them answers and routing questions to the proper team.


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Project Overview

DigitalGenius worked with Magoosh to add its AI capabilities to the company's Zendesk platform. Among them include accurately predicting tags for routing customer service tickets to ensure they are routed to the correct team. 900 macros are used to provide agents with answers to customer service questions, and AI is used to suggest most relevant macros.

Reported Results

Reduced the queue of customer requests by half and managed to meet the goal of responding to customers within 24 hours. 83% of tickets were supported by the chatbot -10% of them were resolved end-to-end with no agent involvement. DigitalGenius claims 92% accuracy for AI tag predictions.


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From CrunchBase: "Magoosh is an online test preparation company based in Berkeley, California that teaches students through video, practice test questions and online support". Magoosh uses "two teams of agents handling account inquiries, as well as for in-depth questions on specific tests" according to DigitalGenius. Macros provide customer service agents with pre-written responses to inquiries, but with some it was difficult to find the correct response.



Historical customer service logs

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