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AI Case Study

Moby Store, launched by Wheelys, is running 24-hour store entirely using technology

A completely automated mobile store makes it debut in China expanding on the pilot in Sweden where mobile cafe would pop-up in locations based on geo-demand. In China the mobile store not only goes to locations based on demand, but also uses image recognition and biometrics to identify customers and bill them. Further plans are to automate inventory and shelf space management and make the vehicle autonomous.


Consumer Goods And Services

Retail General

Project Overview

"Wheelys has collaborated with Hefei University to develop a system that collects the shopper’s biometrics—most notably walking gait—as he or she scans the QR code and uses sensors on the shelves to detect removal of items. Shoppers must register ahead of time for an account. Once an item has been removed, it is linked to the shopper’s ID in the smartphone app to prevent theft.

After the shopper has completed payment, the biometric information collected at the door is automatically deleted.

The store is planning and AI powered hologram assistant and a cloud-based system that will store information about general customer behaviors as well as preferences of individual shoppers, and analyze that to help shop owners predict what products will sell at what places. Further down the line is the plan to autonomously restock and increase sales by moving to different locations according to predictions of demand. "

Reported Results

Proof of concept; results not yet available








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