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AI Case Study

Mondelēz International saved on expenses by automating client contract analysis ensuring corporate spinoff delivered on-time and budget

Mondelez International (Kraft Foods) enlisted Axiom's contract analysis to review its contracts when spinning off, allowing for more efficient contract allocation and cost savings.


Consumer Goods And Services

Food Beverage And Drugs

Project Overview

Kraft's [Mondelēz International] "legal department, its employees in charge of contracts, and Axiom’s team completed the collection and assessment in less than 35 days, and then negotiated all affected contracts while keeping the project on budget and on schedule with daily progress reports. The relationship between the two companies was highly collaborative, which is a large reason for the success of the project. Mondelēz International and Axiom pulled together a joint team that delivered flawless execution for the identified contracts in 10 months, on time and with a substantial cost savings relative to a traditional law firm".

Reported Results

Project kept on budget, "on time and with a substantial cost savings relative to a traditional law firm."



Legal And Compliance



Mondelēz International spun-off its grocery business which "required digging into the details of how we did business and determining which contracts would belong to which of the two
resulting companies. The volume of the work (40,000 documents), the tight deadline of our upcoming spinoff, and cost were all significant challenges to more traditional law firm partners, so these challenges led us to look beyond the more traditional set of firms".



"40,000 documents reviewed"

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